Dining Experience



In the years leading to the opening of Sushi Kimura, Chef Kimura travelled to various prefectures in Japan cultivating direct relationships with organic producers. Apart from fresh, wild caught seafood, special attention is given to even the basic ingredients like rice, vinegar, nori and water used in cooking.
• Special A-grade Tsuya-hime organic rice is imported from a family farm in Yamagata prefecture
• Organic premium vinegar with five times more organic rice per liter than other premium offerings, is imported from a small-production brewery in Miyazu city, Kyoto
• Shin Nori – the highest grade nori from the soft leaves of the first harvest – cultivated in the Ariake sea is exclusive to Sushi Kimura.
• Hokkaido spring water – the preferred option to high-mineral content alternatives – is used for rice and cooked dishes


Sushi Kimura has been designed to bring comfort, privacy and authenticity to each guest. The sleek entrance, set in the corner of a charcoal plastered wall, opens into a minimalist’s enclave filled with the comforting and refreshing scent from a 150-year old Hinoki wood sushi counter. Throughout the restaurant, there are added personal touches from Chef Kimura as an ode to those who have taught him – a ceremonial tea set hand-painted by his master and personally hand-carved stamps on the placemats reflecting the Japanese symbol for the current season.